Ad Choice

On both Hot Selling Point and its affiliated sites, Hot Selling point display interest-based ads using your information we collect when you browse or interact on this site. Some of the ads displayed on this site or on the third party sites are personalized ads which are based on the information we collect that how you interact with this site, which type of ads you see and open. Actually,they are intended to display the ads relevant to your device browsing activity.
Moreover, like other online platforms, we work with other websites and advertising companies. So, we may share your information with the third party or advertising companies, but we assure you that Hot Selling Point does not share your personal or any information that can personally identify you.
AdChoice is a program that gives you the option that whether you want to receive the customized or interest-based ads on Hot Selling Point or its affiliated sites. If you agree or want to see the ads, we’ll display the personalized ads of your interest.

Advertising Preferences

Hot Selling Point offers you choices regarding displaying the interest based ads on this or third party site. You can easily set your preferences If you don’t want to receive ads from us. If you’d prefer not to receive customized ads, then click on the Adchoice icon on any ad then you’ll see advertising pop-up window.  Click on continue to AdChoice Preferences and click the opt out.

Note: By submitting opting out, you will not receive the personalized ads on Hot Selling Point. However, you may see recommendations or generic ads provided by the Hot Selling Point on other sites even after you opt-out.