Hotsellingpoint being an online retailer does have some important policies that we need all our members to follow in order to guarantee buyer and seller protection and keep Hotsellingpoint a safe and secure buying and selling marketplace that it is well known for.

We have designed some generalized policies that we would like every Hotsellingpoint member to follow.

General Member Conduct Policies

These will focus on the general conduct while selling at or buying from the Hotsellingpoint platform.

Under all circumstances, Hotsellingpoint member are not allowed to:

1- Use profanity of any kind on the website.

2- Interfere in any way with the Hotsellingpoint website.

3- Interfere with any additional intellectual Hotsellingpoint property in any way.

4- To avoid limits or restrictions, create or buy and sell on other existing Hotsellingpoint accounts.

5- Advertise a product on Hotsellingpoint and then buy or sell outside the website for personal gain.

6- Report policy violence by other members falsely.

Additionally Hotsellingpoint also has some dedicated policies to resolve buyer and seller issues. However in the case of a problem that may have arisen between a seller and a buyer, Hotsellingpoint will consider the past business transactions and reputation of the seller when making the final decision. And Hotsellingpoint reserves the right to be lenient with policy enforcement based on seller reputation and reviews as long as the decision will not result in another member having to make some sort of a payment. We reserve the right to come up with the right decisions doing the right thing for both sellers and buyers in any one given circumstance.

Identity Related Policies

All Hotsellingpoint members:

1- Must be 18 years or older in order to do trading at the website.

2- Are never allowed to misrepresent their personal identities at any cost.

3- Are always under any circumstances required to provide complete valid contact information 4- including a valid email address.

5- Are not allowed to publish other member’s contact information in any online public areas.

 6- Are always required to choose their Hotsellingpoint user ID’s according to the website rules and requirements.

Communication with Other Members Policies

No Hotsellingpoint members:

1- Can utilize the member-to-member contact options to send treats or spams at all.

2- Are allowed to skip policies regarding Hotsellingpoint discussion boards, Hotsellingpoint Groups and any community content (including guides and reviews).