At Hotsellingpoint we value the importance of our client’s or seller’s unique personal information. We have designed the whole business process that security related information of both parties stays safe and secure for them during the whole process. Our superior security and privacy systems ensure that sellers only see their relevant information about the client and nothing other than that, client’s payment information including credit card details or any other relevant details are kept secret from the sellers by using efficient payment methods like PayPal etc.

Hotsellingpoint reserves the right to ensure all payment transactions go smoothly and there are no instances of leaking sensitive information or anything of the same nature. We pay attention to all the small details regarding privacy for both our clients and sellers in a way that there is no page unturned. Small details like their personal login page is treated with our security systems so that their information stays as private as possible and only they have access to their personal login at all times. The process of keeping client’s sensitive information secret from the sellers and seller’s sensitive information from the clients at all times safeguards their privacy features and makes Hotsellingpoint one of the most trustable and secure online marketplaces in the UK.