Being an online marketplace Hotsellingpoint requires all members to be in a user agreement at all times. We ensure that all payments made by our clients in the purchase process of products from our sellers will be safe and secure and there will be no interference in the payment process at any cost. All members at Hotsellingpoint must understand:

1- Hotsellingpoint reserves the right to have the final say in case of any disputes between customers and sellers. We will review the dispute in detail and then come with the solution that will suit both parties at the maximum levels.

2- All customers have the right to match the delivered products according to the description given on the advertising page at Hotsellingpoint website and in cases where the description does not match the actual attributes and characteristics, they have the right to ask for their money back or get the item replaced by the same seller.

3- It is the sole responsibility of the sellers to advertise their products and items exactly according to their functional attributes and not define anything that is not present in their items or products. In case the description does not match the items, the sellers will be held responsible and will have to compensate the customers in whatever way Hotsellingpoint deems necessary.

4- It is the responsibility of the sellers to clearly mention the item delivery medium and dates as they are important for the customers. Sellers failing to deliver the products and missing the delivery date by more than 2 working days will be responsible for the delay all by themselves and in this scenario, the customers holds the right to return the item with full refund of payment.

5- It is the responsibility of the seller to ensure the item gets delivered in the exact condition mentioned in its description. They must pack the items in a way that there is no chance of damage or loss of the items under no circumstances. In both mentioned cases, the sellers will be held responsible and will have to offer compensations to the customers up to the maximum level of offering a complete refund.

6- The customers are required to be careful when they make the purchases and read the description with attention because there might be small details written in sentences that if missed will change the perception of the item and will cause misunderstandings between the sellers and the customers.